Our village

Built on its rock overlooking the Ognon river, this medieval city reveals its street, squares, old dwellings and monuments riched in history.

The architecture tells the story of the labor in the wineyards, the glorious time of the bourgeoisie and lordship, the epic of the metal industry and the need to protect the county.You will learn about Louis Gollut the first historian from the franche comté, the duc of Choiseul, Pierre Mathieu the historian of Henri IV, the master blacksmith, P. Henri Rey the sculptor, the Guichard brother's from the bonnot's gang or the queen of Moheli.
We approach Pesmes through the valley. At the end of the secular plane trees alley the shape of the castle, the rows of houses at its feet and its imposing ramparts reflect in the  river. You can stroll throughout the village going from the beautiful Grande Rue or the doors of Loigerot and St Hilaire , the rue des chateaux, to the imposing and majestic church of St Hilaire with its imperial steeple.
Classified among "the 100 most beautiful village of France" and distinguished in the prime time show on television,"the french's favourite village 2013" the little characterized comtoise city is developing an indeniable calling for tourism. Beyond its hotels and restaurants, Pesmes dispose of the Camping La Colombière a welcoming and confortable camping site. Moreover, the fishing society and the active nautical base at the "Pasquier" propose various activities around the water whereas cultural and convivial events allow an enjoyment of the site for everybody. The center of the village harbors a range of stores that provides services and confort to its inhabitants and tourists.
Today, Pesmes is engaged in an active development based on its localisation between Burgundy and Franche- Comté.