"The Ognon Valley"

The Ognon valley is a territory rich in culture and nature. Long of 100km, 5 tourism offices that will listen to your needs and suggest you a stay full of surprises!

In the Val Marnaysien

  • The discovery of the parc and museum "Le trésor du Séquanes" (the Sequane's treasure). In an old house of the XVI century you will travel through time and space when visiting this museum that trace the history of the money. Puzzles, enigmas, reflexion games, treasure hunt etc … will make you share great moments of fun with your children.
  • A trail by bike or on foot on the old railroad: 7 km to reach the village of Pin. Other itineraries are suggested by the tourism office.
  • Multiple sport activities in the middle of nature are available at the leisure base WOKA in Marnay: : Canoe-kayak, climbing, mountain bike, archery, acrobatic trail, laser biathlon and since 2014 stand up paddling!


Tourism office of Val Marnaysien

Angelique at your service : 03 84 31 90 91

In les Monts de Gy 

  • Discovery of the natural mountains of Gy by foot on marked paths or with mountain bikes 126km of marked trails or a simple bicycle rides on special trails in the countryside.
  • Visit of a little city with character (Gy and Bucey les Gy) where the authentic patrimony has been influenced by the history of the wine and the castle of Gy which is open to the public.
  • The discovery of a know how of 2 winemakers that revived a wineyard in the Monts of Gy that was famous once.

Tourism office of Les Monts de Gy

Severine at your service: 03 84 32 93 93

In the Pays des 7 Rivières

  • Visit of the medieval village of Fondremand, classified as little city with character: A unique patrimony to discover through a little trail of 3.2km.
  • Forest acrobatic route in Thienans, 3 acrobatic circuits in the forest of Montbozon.
  • Discovery of the local gastronomy at the biscuit factory of  Montbozon or in the retails stores.

Tourism office of Pays des 7 rivières

Lucie at your service 03 84 91 84 98

In the Pays de Villersexel

  • A bicycle ride on the trail " La voie verte du Pays de Villersexel" or one of the thematic trail.
  • Historical sites: Medieval castle of Oricourt, the roman priory of Marast or the guided visit of Villerlersexel.
  • An afternoon swimming in the Val of Bonnal.

Tourism office of Pays de Villersexel

Charlotte at your service: 03 84 20 59 59