Our engagement

By committing  in the procedure of classment of a category 3, the tourism office has to answer to rules fixed by decret which are :

To set up a welcoming, informative and easy access area.

Facilitate the procedures

A sitting area

To provide free of charge informations on the touristic local attractions.

Post and transmit opening hours in at least one foreign language.

To be open at least 120 days a year including saturdays and sundays during the  touristic season and entertainment events.

Answer your mail.

Ensure a permanent service by a staff that speaks one or more foreign language

Provide touristic paper maps and guides.

Give you access to its bilingual internet site

Transmit touristic information on paper translated in one foreign language concerning :

  • All the classified sleeping accomodations including at least the name of the establishment, their mailing and e-mail addresses, their internet site and telephone number as well as their classification;
  • The monuments and touristic, cultural, natural and leisure spots with their price, date and opening hours, their internet site, telephone number and mailing address;
  • Events and entertainments;
  • Emergency telephone numbers.


Update every year the touristic informations.

Post outside Emergency telephone numbers.

Processing your claims and evaluate your level of satisfaction.

Providing an advisor for your stay.